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1kg Bag of OCEAN BLUE Photoluminescent Glass Pebbles


1kg Bag of OCEAN BLUE Photoluminescent Glass Pebbles

$ 99.95

Our glass pebbles are treated with photoluminescent pigments by Lucedentro. These pebbles are the loose version of our decorative listellos. The uses of our loose glass pebbles are infinite. They can be recessed in materials, mixed with gravel and/or other stones, etc. Our glass pebbles create a pleasant night atmosphere in gardens, wellness centers, and in private and public venues.  They truly are stunning, and take glow in the dark to an entirely new level.

Technical information

Material: borosilicate glass injected with photoluminescent pigments.
Dimensions: irregular, maximum diameter 20 mm (.78”), thickness 7 mm (.27”)
Product is suitable for both indoors and outdoors, and is resistant to water, frost, acids and thermal shock.

Approximately 140 stones per kg.  This can vary slightly based upon mix of uniquely sized pebbles.

(note: all products were brought into the sunlight for approximately 10 seconds, then taken back inside for photographs.  These photos were taken by us and no brightening has been done for "effect"   --  The glow of our products will always vary from installation to installation, and is directly dependent on how dark the area in which items are located and/or installed, coupled with the source of light that charged them and for how long.  Supplemental and/or artificial lighting, timers, and even the use of additional UV/black light will always help and enhance and maximize the glow of all of our products.   The glow and recharge ability of our products is second to none, and will technically last for the life of the actual product itself!)

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